Mowai Vintage Binoculars on Tripod

  • £269.99

Vintage Binoculars with Tripod Stand

The attention to detail on this showpiece telescope binoculars are for every nautical enthusiast, be it a retired navy person or an aspiring pilot. It would be superb in an older boy’s bedroom. The stand is made from Sheesham wood, finished to a stunning smooth varnished brown, and the distressed copper/gold is every antique collector’s dream.

• Excellent as a gift for an aspiring traveller.
• An absolute must have for a shop display or theatre/stage prop.
• Not an age specific gift and can be passed down as a family heir loom.
• An ideal all around gift, be it for your boss’ office, boys older room or to mark the anniversary or birthday of an eccentric character.

Product Code: M77305
Material: Brass & Sheesham Wood
Usage: Ornamental
Dimensions: L: 42cm x W: 13cm x H: 96cm

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