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Meghna Set of 2 Spitfire Model Plane Distressed Metal Finish

Meghna Set of 2 Spitfire Model Plane Distressed Metal Finish

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Add Vintage Flair with the Meghna Set of 2 Spitfire Model Plane

Introducing the Meghna Set of 2 Spitfire Model Plane, perfect for bringing a touch of vintage style to your office or home. These meticulously crafted model planes feature a distressed metal finish, making them a unique and charming addition to any space.

Key Features:

Vintage Design: These model planes boast a distressed metal finish that exudes a vintage charm, making them perfect for aviation enthusiasts and collectors of Airforce memorabilia.

Interactive Decor: Instead of grabbing a stress ball, spin the propellers of these model planes to help you get through a tough day. They add a playful yet stylish touch to your workspace or living area.

Perfect Gift: These Spitfire model planes make an excellent gift for anyone who loves planes, history, or Airforce memorabilia. Their unique design and high-quality craftsmanship ensure they will be cherished by the recipient.

Versatile Display: Ideal for both office and home decor, these model planes can be displayed on desks, shelves, or mantels, adding a touch of sophistication and nostalgia to any room.

Crafted for Enthusiasts

The Meghna Set of 2 Spitfire Model Planes are not just decorative pieces; they are crafted with attention to detail and a passion for vintage aviation. Their intricate design and distressed finish make them a standout feature in any collection.

Ideal for Gifting

Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, these model planes are a thoughtful gift for aviation lovers. Their timeless appeal and interactive features make them a delightful addition to any home or office.

Product Code: M9072
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Distressed silver
    Small:  L: 16cm x W: 13cm x 12cm
    Large:  L: 23cm x W: 21cm x 17cm
Weight: 1.3Kg
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