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Lilen Large Moroccan Lantern Square Domed Gunmetal

Lilen Large Moroccan Lantern Square Domed Gunmetal

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Add Exotic Elegance with the Large Moroccan Lantern

Add a touch of exotic elegance to your home with the Large Moroccan Lantern. This striking piece features a classic domed top and intricate geometric cut-outs, all finished in a sleek gunmetal colour.

Inspired by Moroccan Architecture

The lantern's design is inspired by traditional Moroccan architecture, making it perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. Its intricate cut-outs allow light to cast beautiful patterns, enhancing the atmosphere of your space.

Versatile Home Décor

Whether you're looking to create a cosy reading nook or simply add a unique and stylish accent to your home décor, this lantern is the perfect choice. Its versatile design complements various styles, making it an ideal addition to any room.

Built to Last

Made of high-quality materials, this lantern is built to last and is sure to become a cherished part of your home for years to come. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while its elegant design adds a timeless charm.

Key Features

  • Classic Domed Top: Traditional Moroccan-inspired design.
  • Intricate Geometric Cut-Outs: Creates beautiful light patterns.
  • Sleek Gunmetal Colour: Adds a modern touch to the classic design.
  • High-Quality Materials: Ensures longevity and durability.

Enhance your home with the exotic elegance of the Large Moroccan Lantern and enjoy its warm and inviting ambiance.

Product Code M9898
Main Materials: Glass and Metal
Finish: Painted gunmetal
Suitability: Indoor use
Candle size: Tea lights and small candles
Mounting: Freestanding or hang up
Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 34cm
Weight: 0.8Kg
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Customer Reviews

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Peter Mason
Very nice.

Good quality looks great when lit.

Thank you for the review! We're glad you like it!