Bitlan Walking Stick Stand

  • £135.99

Vintage Walking Stick Stand

Look after your guests in style with this walking stick stand. Keep it by the fireplace or hallway as an elegant cane tidy. The black base and sturdy metal frame accentuate class and affluence.

  • An ideal gift for an elderly parent/relative as it keeps their walking sticks upright and within easy reach. Reduces the need to bend down to pick up a fallen stick.
  • You’re never too old to set a trend. If you have lots of walking sticks or know of a person who has one for every occasion, this cane caddy will be the best gift for them.
  • Keep tall umbrellas in this too, perfect by your door or porchway, for that unexpected rainy day.
  • Ideal prop for an office.
  • Easy wipe clean design.
Product Code: M777764Z
Country of Origin: India
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Distressed silver
Dimensions: L: 14cm x W: 14cm x H: 62cm

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