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Badli Vintage Glass Hurrican Candle Holder

Badli Vintage Glass Hurrican Candle Holder

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Glass Vintage Hurrican Candle Holder

Fall in love with versatility.  This lantern is excellent as it can be the centrepiece in any room, any colour or theme, stealing the show with quality of the highest order.  The distressed metal is heavy, allowing the item to sit sturdily on any surface.  The main belly of the lantern is durable glass.

• Tall shape allows for candles of any size to fit comfortably. Keep lighted candles outdoors without the risk of the elements snuffing out the flame as the long design will hold a larger candle without it toppling over.
• Unique design means it will look good in your living room, outdoor decking, lounge and hallway and even bathroom.
• Place this item in your reception or visitors seating area in your office. It gives an air of grace and affluence.
• Fill with rose petals or candles and you have a beautiful decorative piece for a wedding stage or shop floor.
• High up on a table or pillar, or low down on wooden floor or carpet, this sturdy piece from Maravi will keep wherever you place it.

Product Code: M46805AR
Material: Glass and Aluminium
Finish: Distressed vintage
Candle size: Taper candle up to dia:
Assembly: No tool assembly required
Dimensions: Top Rim Dia: 19cm Base Dia: 18cm Height: 46cm


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