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Doli Mini Marble Pestle and Mortar

Doli Mini Marble Pestle and Mortar

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A little piece with a big personality! Carved to smooth perfection, this pestle/mortar set is perfect for grinding wet and dry spices. The pestle makes easy work of dry spices such as whole pepper, star anise and nutmeg. The natural marbled colour makes for a great showpiece too.

  • Set on your kitchen table/shelf or window sill as a great show accessory.
  • Great for crushing small amounts of fresh spices without the hassle of plugging and washing a chunky coffee/herb grinder.
  • Ideal as a housewarming gift for the new homeowner.
  • Neutral earthy colours compliment any room.
  • Easy clean, sturdy and durable. A piece that will last your kitchen a lifetime.
  • Use the ancient kitchen device that all chefs swear by, even to this day, for that added taste in freshly ground spices.  
Product Code: M9207
Shape: Round
Material: Marble
              Pestle: Top Dia: 3.5cm x Base Dia: 3.5cm x Height: 5cm
              Mortar: Top Dia: 9cm x Base Dia: 8cm x Height: 8.5cm
Weight: 1Kg
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