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5 Tips To Improve Your Work Desk Space for Better Efficiency

Tip 1 - Clutter Free

One of the most important and simplest tips is removing clutter from your desk. Try using stationary pots, pen boxes and letter racks to organise your desk. You will find the more clear your desk is the more clear your mind will be. If you stay on top of things by getting things done as soon as they hit your desk the more efficient you will become.

Tip 2 - Picture of A Loved One

Try putting a nice picture of a loved one or a pet on your desk. This can serve as a reminder of why we are working so hard and who we are working so hard for. Most of us spend more time at work then we do at home so a little reminder of our loved ones can bring a smile to your face on those tough days. Serving as a reminder of who we will be going home to.

Tip 3 - Add an Ornament

Have you tried putting an ornament on your desk? Not just any old ornament but something that is going to empower you to carry on the long slog and make you look forward to the end of the day or the weekend. Try linking it to an interest, hobby or a sport that you like. I personally like something that looks regal or interesting helping me to get through boring days.

Tip 4 - Near A Window

This tip is more about where to place your desk rather what to put on your desk, I find keeping my desk near a window if possible is a great idea. Ideal if you are not on the ground floor and you can see further than then the office car park. When you have a that creative block it's great to have a little look out the window to freshen your mood and get the cogs in your brain turning again. Also it's great to have some natural light on those long work days.

Tip 5 - The Environment

An obvious but very important tip is your environment. Make sure the lighting is correct, Dimmable lighting is a massive plus or a decent desk lamp. Also make sure the temperature is right for you. Having the right amount of heating or cooling can make a massive difference to your productivity.

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