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Why Choose Metal?

Aluminium Décor 

Distressed finished ornaments are here to stay. We give you the low-down on what's in and what's out. Checkout our little checklist below:

Coral trees are definitely in! This has to be the best ornament of 2020, we love them and we can't wait to get the gold colour in (Arriving April 2021).

Animal ornaments - we found that these don't work so well for us as they are too cold looking, we prefer resin figurines

Hanging hooks - distressed finished metal is always going to be hit here. We like the fancy ones that are combined with wood.

Side tables - If you get it right you can really do well, but get it wrong and it will make your room cold and uninspiring. We like interesting shapes, we think round tables work better than square or rectangular. We love the Moroccan inspired theme like the Shimla table.

Colours - We like our accessories finished in silver or gold, we have tried other colours such as copper and black and they just don't seem to hit the mark.

Barware - some of our first pieces of Aluminium décor were ice buckets and these still continue to be a great hit with our customers. We particularly like the floor standing grand pieces.

Small vases - We found that small vases with the distressed aluminium just look odd and out of place. If the budget will stretch to a large floor standing vase it will be well worth the investment.

There you go those are our do's and don'ts of using distressed aluminium in your interior. Give us a shout about your favourite pieces, or better still share a picture on Instagram and tag us in @maravi.co.uk

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