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The Maravi Mother's Day Top 10 Gift Guide

Here at Maravi we think Mothers are super special and deserve the best gifts for Mother’s Day. With our modern lifestyles it can be difficult finding that perfect gift and we usually end up buying the left over greeting cards and something random on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. We want this year to be different for you and your mum. I've put a simple list together of gifts that she will love and be functional meaning she will remember you every time she uses it. As we think mums are so special we are offering free express delivery and free luxury gift wrap on any of the items below. We hope you love them.

1. The Doli Marble Pestle and Mortar
The perfect small gift that oozes luxury appeal as it's made from lovely marble. Handcrafted to smooth perfection, perfect for grinding wet and dry spices. Makes a great kitchen ornament making your mum look like a super star chef. Available in 4 colours. 

 2. Jami Rectangular Storage Box with Secret Lock

Great for her jewellery collection, it can store anything from watches to nik naks. Handmade from sustainable Indian Sheesham wood, with natural varnished finish to show the beauty of this gorgeous hardwood. She will be sure remember you every time she sits at her dresser. Simple trick style hidden lock to keep the grand kid’s little fingers away from her precious jewellery.

3. Barakar Set of 3 Hexagonal Trinket
Does you mum love small cute trinkets? If she does The Barakar set is going to be a hit with her. Great to use as a pill box or for small keepsakes. Intricately handcrafted from Indian Sheesham wood with subtle touches of brass inlay decorations. No doubt she will treasure these forever and you can be her favourite person all over again.

4. Mandovi Leaf Shape Decorative Plate
Does she love to display things round the house to wow her guests? If so we may have the answer to the perfect gift for her. The Mandovi decorative leaf plate will look elegant in any interior whether it is contemporary or traditional. She will no doubt be impressed with your gift finding skills if you were to give her this. It makes a great centre piece or candle plate

5.Kaagini 5 Section Wooden Remote Control Storage Caddy
If your mum likes to be neat and organised she will be mega impressed by the Kaagini remote control rack. It will live alongside her favourite living room chair and she will be thinking good thoughts about you every time she reaches for that remote control. Of course, the storage caddy has many other uses such as stationery holder, art brush holder and probably a million other uses. As with all the products on this list the caddy is lovingly Handmade from sustainable materials.

6. Kolar Carved Detail Letter Rack
Make sure mum gets organised with style using this beautiful handmade letter rack. With room for plenty of letters, stationary and paper. This letter rack with look great on a desk or on hallway console table. Let it serve as little reminder of you every time she walks in to her house. Made from the finest sustainable Sheesham wood by our artisans

7. Namada Coaster Set
Even mums need some where to put their cup of tea down. You can't possibly put it straight on to that vintage coffee table. Take out the pain of resting her cuppa down with the elegant Namada mango wood coasters. Along with the gift of coasters you can explain the wonderful journey of Mango Trees and how they are sustainable and can fruit for up to 300 years. You can check out my Mango Wood blog to brush up on your knowledge.

8. Penner Bridge Game Set
Bridge is a game for classy mothers. No doubt your mother is classy, and you want to show her that you have inherited those traits with your gift giving skills. The Penner bridge game set is the solution. Of course, if you choose this gift you will need to learn Bridge so that you can give her the first game.

9. Pavana Square Star and Leaf Cut Out Secret Locking Box
Sheesham wood is such a versatile wood that has endless possibilities but our Artisans just love making locking boxes out of them. So that's why I have put another one on the list as our locking boxes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Plus, they just make such a great gift, it has many uses, it looks beautiful and mums love them. What more can you ask for?

10. Kallayi Wooden Bangle Jewellery Box
Lastly one of my favourites and it's the one I would get for my mum. It's the amazing, the incredible Kallayni bangle jewellery box. You can admire the hours of carving and intricate inlay work gone in to this gorgeous box. That is what makes it a truly great gift for the best mum in the whole world, your mum.

Get them quick stocks are limited and offer for free express delivery and free gift wrap end Friday 9th March 2018. Above all make sure you make your mum feel like the most loved mum in the world, she deserves it!.

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