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How to Use Plants Well in Your Living Space

Plants seem to be tricky for a lot of people and many people just get it plain wrong and spoil the calming effect of having indoor plants. Here are some tips to get you on your way to use plants well in your home

  • Use a planter that is an accent to your interior. Make it a feature not all plants have beautiful flowers sprouting out of them so using a wow factor planter can make all the difference.
  • Pick the right plant for the planter. As a general rule of thumb, the plant should be the star of the show and be much larger than the planter
  • Put them in the right location. Don’t put you plant right by the front door where people are going trip over it and damage it. Give it a dedicated space, so it can stand tall and invite you home.

  • Not too many, a well placed few plants of different shapes and sizes in one room can lift the interior, but too many can make it feel claustrophobic and like you are in the woods. Definitely don’t go for the 80’s style of vines growing over the walls and ceilings

  • My favourite plants are cacti, a well placed cute colourful one in a simple ceramic or metal pot works well

  • Have you thought about using an artificial plant? The recent trend of fake plants has been a good one, it means you get the look without any of the work. A decent one will cost you £15+ for a small succulent all the way up to hundreds of pounds for larger plants.

I hope these tips have helpful and will hopefully making selecting the right planter a little bit easier. Why not check out range of planters at the following link:

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