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How to Use Decorative Boxes - 5 Tips


We often get asked, we love your decorative boxes but how can I use them in my interior as a decorative accessory? So I have put 5 tips together to explain how to best use them in your home 

Tip 1 - Intricate Carving

The first tip I can give you is If you are just going to use one box try to get one with lots of carved detail on. This creates a great focal point for added pizzazz use a box with a painted finish. I prefer hand carved detail as it adds a uniqueness to the box that can't be achieved by machine carving.

Tip 2 - Different Boxes

If you are going to use multiple boxes try mixing things up to keep things fresh and interesting. Try using boxes made from different materials. It's great to mix up different textures and finishes or even custom paint some of the boxes with an accent colour to coordinate with your room.

Many boxes are sold as sets of 3, I wouldn't recommend placing all 3 boxes in one room as it's an old fashioned way of doing things and looks quite boring.

Tip 3 - Ash Boxes

Many people are now choosing to use decorative wooden boxes to store ashes of a loved one or a  cremated pet as an alternative to an urn. If you are going to do this I would recommend using a plain box with an un-carved area to attach an engraved plaque . Also it's a good idea to buy a box with a simple locking mechanism to prevent accidents.

Tip 4 - Large Box

The next tip is about large boxes or chests. Some people make the mistake of trying to display these on a shelf and it usually looks out of proportion. It's best to keep these larger boxes on the floor and I wouldn't recommend more than one per room. Ideal for storing throws, blankets and pillows.

Tip 5 - Bedroom Boxes

If you are going to use decorative boxes in your bedroom, maybe in the dressing area or on your bedside table, make sure the box is lined. A lined box will serve as a showpiece and storage for your jewellery. If you have an unlined box you can simply add some felt from a craft shop. Stick down with ordinary PVA glue. 

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Imraan Abubaker

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