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How to Pick a Side Table?

As you probably already know we love a good side table here at Maravi. The humble side table is way more than just a decorative piece of furniture. The right side table can be both functional and add a stylistic layer to your room. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about side tables and we hope it can help you choose better.

How to choose a side table?

This depends on many factors, the main ones being, how much space do you have? Does it need to be functional? What shape and colour of table would compliment your room?

What size of side table?

What is the size of the space you have? If space is not an issue, then what is the function of the table? If you will be using it for a lamp then larger tables tend to look better and for larger plants smaller tables look better. If you need it to be functional consider a table with storage. Some side tables can overpower the room, if you need the table space consider a coffee table instead. The difference is that coffee tables are generally lower and longer. Coffee tables sit in front of the sofa whereas side tables tend to be beside the sofas and are generally taller.

Can a side table be taller then my sofa?

Yes depending on the height of your sofa, within 5cm is usually good otherwise it may look odd and not be very useable.

What heights and shapes are available?

If you can imagine it, it probably exists. The most popular are rectangular, square and round. Rectangular are probably the best for small space, whereas round shapes stand out the most. The average side table is around 45cm but can go up to 70cm. You can also get low level ones which are good for use as plant stands. Mixing up heights and shapes can create an interesting dynamic in your space.

What side table is on trend?

Buying on trend is good but some trends can last as little as one season. Instead, pick furniture you think you can live with for 10 years. Every detail of your room should fit together beautifully with the centrepiece of any well appointed living room making all the difference. Marrying style and function with any of our stunning Maravi side tables is sure to make the right kind of statement in your living space and who knows maybe you can start the next trend!

What accessories will work with my side table?

The classic options are photo frames, table lamps and ornaments and this formula still works today. We like adding greenery and vases as well. When accessorising a table try not to fill more than one third of the table to allow the table to still be useable and to show of the table top.

Can I use more than one side table to replace my coffee table?

We love this idea especially to make smaller spaces much more functional, the only rule for this in my mind is that the tables have to be matching. Put them together in the centre of the room to make a coffee table and split them up when required for use. Although my wife would totally disagree with me as she likes to mix and match tables in the room to bring some character and a splash of as she likes to call it "je ne sais quoi" and she always wins ;)

Accent or functional?

We say always functional over accent, but there nothing to say an accent table can't be functional!

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