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How To Care For Your Wooden Furniture Like A Pro!


At Maravi, we want you to love the bespoke items you’ve bought from us.  Our products are known for the unique ‘not on the high street’ look, and like every piece of beautiful quality furniture, a bit of TLC can go a long way.  We’ve put together a clever know it all piece that will help you look after your much-loved new home addition.  Keep stains at bay with common household ingredients, keep your metal furniture shiny and new with just a yearly touch up and we can forewarn you as to which liquids to keep away from your wooden table, dresser or box.  In short, this is a little how to post on how to keep your furniture looking like new.


Cleaning Weekly


Burn calories with a weekly once over.  Wooden products need just a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any grease.  No need for harsh abrasives or expensive cleaners, a simple weekly wipe will keep your furniture fresh and new.

You know those annoying stains caused by guests who don’t use a coaster for cups?  Well get rid of the stain not the guest.  A drop of mayonnaise (yes, mayo!) and a damp cloth will cut through the circular stain.




For wood, we recommend once every four months with a beeswax polish that nurtures the furniture and keeps stains at bay.  Keep your metal furniture as new with Brasso wading. This removes tarnishes from metal parts such as door hinges and metal inlay details.  A multi surface polish can be used on untarnished metal.




It’s a given that your guests will rest their drinks on your stunning Crystal Edge table and bubble wrapping your furniture permanently is not an option.  So keep a pile of placemats and coasters handy and wipe spillages immediately to avoid wood warping and staining.  The biggest offenders are alcohol, perfume and deodorants.  Of course, solid wood furniture should never be left outside for long periods.


It’s simple…

Protect your furniture from light and heat.  Light fades the colour of wood.  Heat (including central heating, candles, fires and electric heaters) can all warp your wood.  Even humid rooms such as bathrooms will split your wood so look after your furniture by keeping it away from direct sun light, damp and humid conditions, and direct heat.

These are all simple and inexpensive ways of keeping your furniture as new.  And they all work with our furniture at Crystal Edge.  So for more easy to maintain bespoke pieces simply log onto our website:  Or call us as we love to chat about the hard work that goes into crafting our stunning pieces.  We’re open office hours and it’s 0116 2763196.

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