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Get The Moroccan Look

With us all spending a bit more time at home it's a great time to add a dash of Morocco to your interior. The timeless look can be a little colourful accessory or a full on themed interior. We particularly like to match the look with some well placed greenery. Check out our 5 tips to add some North African zing to your room.

1. Make a colourful focal point

Try adding a plain side table with a gorgeous colourful lantern on it. Our favourite is the Samta cut work lantern with a gold interior and bold splash of colour on the outside.

2. Add the carved symbolic star pattern 

The classic Moroccan geometric star is iconic, it's a must for any themed room. We particularly like the way it's carved into the door of the Kumara table.

3. A floor rug is a game changer

If it's just a single item you want to add make it a rug. They can be colourful as you like, this works particularly well if your walls are neutral

4. Ornate showpiece

If the budget will stretch to a grand showpiece it's definitely worth it. Brass pieces like Arabian jugs or floor vases work best.

5. Green is a must

To complete any Moroccan theme we recommend adding something green. Ideally a plant with some luscious green leaves or buy an artificial plant to enjoy the look without the hassle of maintenance. If you are not green fingered or fancy something different why not try the Lalas set of 3 green trays.

We would love to see your Moroccan inspired rooms, please send us a quick photo by email or share it with on Instagram

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