Marco Polo Sextant Victorian Travelling In Wooden Box

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Reproduction Marco Polo Marine Sextant

Forget about GPS when you can find your way with this fascinating pre-war reproduction sextant. A great ornament for a grand desk or drawing room. It makes a fabulous gift for marine enthusiasts and collectors of shipping memorabilia.

A Sextant measures the angles between a-celestial object and the horizon. It was a must for sailors in the late 19th century. This is a working sextant but is primarily designed to be an ornament. Comes complete with a vintage wooden box detailed with an etched brass plate.

Product Code: C4360
Material: Metal and Wooden Box
Era: 1917 (New reproduction)
       Sextant: L: 11.7cm x W: 10.5cm x D: 5.5cm
       Box:  L: 17.5cm x W: 17.5cm x D: 8cm

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