Manorama Large Armillary Sphere Ornament

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Armillary Sphere

This stunning large ornamental armillary sphere can make you grand room or hallway seem grander. Amaze your visitors and inspire young minds with free single axis rotation of the globe within the frame. Constructed from solid distressed look aluminium with is powder coated black with exposed elements to show of the details.

Made masterfully by hand in India by artisans and brought to the UK by Maravi. Therefore, you can rest assured each artisan has been treated and paid fairly for their amazing work and the best materials have been used. Please note availability is limited as Maravi only commissioned a few pieces and we purchased the entire stock as we think they are so amazing.

Product Code: M9073
Country of Origin: India
Material: Aluminium
Suitability: Indoor use only
Dimensions: Dia: 60cm x Height: 80cm 
Weight: 20.0Kg

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