Mani Set of 6 @ Symbol Coasters Distressed Metal

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Set of 6 @ Symbol Coasters

These adorable ‘@’ symbol coasters are perfect for that contemporary household where everyone has a hot cuppa to keep the computer genius going! Place them on a coffee table or your breakfast bar and unlike your average coaster, these have a digital statement to make.  You can store them in its little storage ring in the middle of a table ready for your next hot drink…’@’ home or ‘@’ the office!

  • Comes in distressed silver and as a set of 6.
  • An excellent gift for a young couple, as graduation gift for an IT graduate, or even your teacher.
  • Great prop for internet café owners.
  • The unique design means you can hang each symbol from a hook in a wall; great for those sleek modern kitchens that need a few accessories to make it cosy.
  • Excellent novel gift with practical uses.
  • Unlike plastic, melamine and corkboard coasters, these won’t stain, you can wash and wipe them clean, and stored back in its storage ring.


Product Code: C7908
Shape: Round
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Distressed Metal Finish
           Coaster: Dia: 9.5cm
           Holder: Dia: 10cm

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