Gilbert & Sons Antique Sundial Copper Compass Detailing

  • £67.99

Antique Sundial Compass With Box

A calling to all lost travellers and explorers!  This quirky brass compass comes in a smooth crafted wooden box to keep it cherished for that special person.

Feed the imaginations of aspiring adventurers and globetrotters or gift it to the retired marine.  The recipient will remember you by the memories this beautiful piece evokes.

  • Beyond unique, this piece, like most Maravi exclusives, cannot be bought on the High Street or even chic boutiques.
  • Stunning rose gold sundial in contrast to burnished copper gives this compass a colourful flair.
  • Exudes character and eccentricity and will be a delight to the collection of a grandparent or mature relative.
  • An ideal accessory for a teenage child’s room or a home library/study.
  • Lovingly protected by sustainable Mango wood.
  • Makes fantastic memorabilia for an anchor-man, retired Navy office or a person who enjoys life on open waters.
  • A truly inspirational item that can be used as a family heirloom, passed down through generations to mark the coming of age in grandchildren or as graduation gift to inspire direction in one’s life.

Product Code: M9145
Material: Brass and Mango Wood
Finish: Gun metal
Reproduction: Yes
Working model: Yes
    Compass Dimensions: Dia: 12cm x Height: 4.5cm
   Box Dimensions: L: 15.5cm x W: 15.5cm x H: 7cm
Weight: 872g

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