Mol Len Wooden Footstool
Mol Len Wooden Footstool
Mol Len Wooden Footstool
Mol Len Wooden Footstool
Mol Len Wooden Footstool

Mol Len Footstool Mango Wood

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Mango Wood Footstool 

A hardwood multi-use footstool made in the tropical mango woods of northern India by a group of artisans who carve and create beautiful pieces of useful furniture from the cut down mango trees that are too old to fruit, and have been replaced with new young trees.

The 12-inch square Footstool has many uses: in the sitting room for relaxing with feet up, in front of the TV, or as a table for drinks and snacks. Use it in the nursery as a strong and sturdy nursing chair, or a play table for young children, and makes a perfect iPad or Laptop surface that can be carried into any room as needed.

The environmentally friendly mango wood has been lovingly hand crafted using traditional hand tools and no machinery, making it a 100% carbon free product that has a zero impact on the planet. The burnt wood finish and tongue and grooved top gives it the appearance of old English Oak, but at a fraction of the cost, and allowing the Oak trees to live undisturbed and unthreatened.

This living Art is then brought to the UK by Maravi to give you a unique and beautifully versatile addition to your home. They make great stands for large ornaments and flower displays too.

Product Code: M7671
Country of Origin: India
Shape: Square
Material: Mango wood
Assembly: Fully assembled
Dimensions: L: 31cm x W: 19.5cm x H: 31cm
Weight: 2.3Kg

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