5 Incredible Ways To Style An Ice Bucket For Your Wedding

crystal edge flowers ice Ice Bucket style wedding

So, it’s wedding season, and with the blue skies and warmth of the sun; a ‘must have’ item at your wedding is an ice bucket. There are different styles of weddings and with this there are several ways to style an ice bucket!

Here at Maravi we’ve brought together 5 incredible ways for you to style our range of ice buckets.

1. Elegant Greenery


    Greenery is an elegant way to add style to your wedding without being too girly and pink with flowers. Here’s how we styled an ice bucket with elegant greenery.

    We’ve used the nickel-plated floor standing champagne wine cooler, styled in a wreath of greenery.

    You can put diamante gems on some of the leaves to add a bit of sparkle!

    Tip: you can add additional colour bay placing red grapes on top of the ice.


     2. Boho Rustic



    If you’re planning a floral or rustic wedding try styling your ice bucket like this!

    We’ve used the distressed finish ice bucket, decorated with orange- gold chiffon and placed it on a set of our rustic

     creates, shredded straw and our love heart chalk board.

    This is perfect for an outdoor or barn wedding. The chalk board means you can write a personal message for all of you guests to see!


     3. Tropical




    For a stunning bright and colourful wedding- go tropical! And that doesn’t mean take an expensive trip abroad for your wedding! You can have just as beautiful and colourful wedding with this tropical style.

    Bright coloured flowers and tropical summer fruits work beautifully for a tropical ice bucket, spread around or in our three set of serving trays.

    Try filling your ice bucket with water and floating candles for a summer garden wedding. Style with a create of fresh chopped fruit and ice!


     4.Glamorous Art Deco



    If you want a bit of glamour try this Art Deco style! You can use black, white and metallic colours for this style. You can use all sorts such as; large ostrich feathers, glitter or sequins, bits of jewellery or gems and string pearls (fake ones of course!)

    Here we've used black lace with bits of silver jewellery wrapped around our silver candle stand (placed inside the ice bucket) and gold sequins sprinkled on the ice.


     5. Neutral winter



    This last idea really is incredible and probably something you’d have never have thought you’d see at a wedding- white and gold painted pumpkins and squash!

    Now you may be thinking- “ugh! what is this lady talking about” but I promise you the results are truly stunning! 

    Here we've used white and gold painted leaves and berries, a diamante squash and greenery.  

    The gold really adds glamour and works well with a combination of neutral colours and metallic colours. 


    These are just five ideas for your wedding using a few different ice buckets from our range. There are many more ways to style ice buckets and the ideas are endless! Get creative and send us your feedback! 


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